Building Conceptual Designs

Our vision is to build a facility and a business model that speaks to people from all walks of life, and one that will be a unique and memorable experience for all visitors for generations to come. The Birmingham iBuilding™ will inspire creative thinking, will implement innovative solutions to everyday challenges, and will help all of us to generate ideas and dream big.

The iBuilding uses:

  • media throughout the facility to share targeted, customizable, and interchangeable inspirational and educational messages. If we decide to drive classrooms to visit the Birmingham iBuilding™, with just a few clicks of the mouse, our media components will offer stories of American history, Alabama History, space exploration, or any other subject matter. Our powerful media and technology-based attributes allow for total customization, and this allows for multi-use and the ability to create a marketing powerhouse.
  • technology throughout the facility to implement cutting edge, user-friendly tools to make the building state-of-the-art, unique, and awe-inspiring.
  • historical figures and accomplishments implemented throughout the facility, via concrete etchings, plaques, monuments, pictures, and videos to share with our visitors the stories of our heroes, legends and icons from every walk of life who have achieved greatness before us. Some of the feature legends could include Henry Ford, Martin Luther King, George Washington, Willie Mays, and Bear Bryant. Some of the storied traditions could include the successes of the Universities of Alabama and Auburn, and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Some of the icons could include writers, artists, poets, and more. Additionally, people, stories, legends, and icons can apply, or be nominated, for consideration and voted on by the general public for inclusion – giving us our version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Make no mistake about it, visitors will be inspired to walk the building, “take it all in”, and simply enjoy a day at the Birmingham iBuilding™ - which will be unique and special each and every time visited.
  • natural exhibits of fauna, flora, water and wildlife throughout the facility, including a viewer-friendly tank and atrium as the center piece of the building - teaming with butterflies, birds, lizards, and alligators, and designed with observation and look-out areas to make viewing easy from anywhere in the central common-area of the building.
  • the power of Leading Edge Environmental Design (LEED) throughout the facility to ensure we are positively impacting the environment in only the best and most creative ways; thus, making the building a centerpiece for what is environmentally possible; including the use of water collection, retention and redistribution, wind and solar-energy, waste recycling and energy redeployment, and more. Our objective is to take environmentally-friendly designed buildings “out of the closet” and bring them front and center in everyone’s mind. Why continue to make buildings that are LEED certified but look like all other buildings when you can tactically use the design of the building to say:  ”We are an environmentally-friendly building and we want you to know it, so we made it intentionally look different to engage you in the movement of protecting our future with us.” . . . Now, that is responsible thinking.
  • education throughout the facility to inspire our future generations and those that educate them with our mission to drive iNSpiration, iNNOvation, and iDEAtion™ – giving classrooms from across the state and the region a reason to come visit the facility and all of its ever-changing educational and inspirational attributes and elements on a regular and ongoing basis.
  • restaurant and retail based businesses – both as cornerstone elements and interchangeable kiosks throughout the facility – to drive consistent and continual repeat visitors to the building and the area who are willing and able to spend money; thus, driving the highest level of economic impact to the facility and the city, and doing it in a way where visitors are getting the absolute most for their entertainment and experience dollar.
  • a strong branding message that will make our name and our facility a house-hold brand and an entertainment venue of choice for people of all ages for decades to come.
  • flexible room layouts and interchangeable walls, seating, equipment and kiosks that allow for the facility to be customized and changed to fit a wide variety of wants and needs, and also allows the facility to be used in a wide variety of ways; including, meetings, events, seminars, and more; for business, private, educational and charitable gatherings of all kinds. This once again is focused on driving consistent and continual traffic, use, and, therefore, revenue.
  • observation and relaxation decks around the entire facility for visitors to just sit, “take it all in”, and look out at the beautiful hills surrounding Birmingham, Alabama while dreaming of what is possible for them.
  • a unique and memorable illustrated spokesperson by the name of Didge has been created to help us deliver our message, our brand, and our marketing, in a fun, creative, and memorable way. This will allow us to get school age children to begin learning and talking about us early on, and will equally allow us to educate and communicate to the general public about the wonderful things happening at the Birmingham iBuilding™;  in turn, enabling us to memorialize our mission and our message, and paint the vision in a way that people from the age of 3 to 93 will enjoy, appreciate, remember, and support.
  • worthy press and media-friendly stories and attributes. We expect that a significant number of eyeballs will be looking at the Birmingham iBuilding™, and we fully expect to receive an enormous amount of press from a wide variety of mediums. Combine this with an aggressive schedule of events and promotions, and we expect the Birmingham iBuilding™ to gain and maintain a long and fruitful relationship front and center for all to see and appreciate.
  • cross promotion as a revenue stream:  we have developed a strategy that will allow the Birmingham iBuilding™ to share the spotlight on a limited and conservative basis with those individuals and corporate powerhouse brands that believe in and support our mission and vision, via sponsorships, co-branding and strategic alliances, allowing for a significant ongoing revenue stream to the Birmingham iBuilding™.

We feel that our powerhouse building and memorable and interchangeable brand will transcend a simple bricks-and-mortar building and will be able to share a message of hope and possibility – telling the world that Birmingham, Alabama is leading the charge into the future in a positive way – inspiring our families, friends, and loved ones to dream big, play fair, work hard; and, leaving a legacy like so many of our heroes and legends before us. This cutting edge building will be memorable and fun, and the lighthouse brand associated with it will be driven by attitude, emotion, bravado, and thought-provoking elements. Our vision is to develop a building and a business model that will be able to drive and sustain return visitors from across the city, the state, the region, and even the world – making Birmingham, Alabama the home of the world’s first iBuilding™. By doing so in a manner that is revolutionary, not evolutionary, we as a community will secure a chair at the table for all future conversations pertaining to positive and futuristic thinking. With that being said, Birmingham will no longer be considered by so many as a city that is trailing the discussion, but will become a city that should fully expect to help shape the conversation on a wide variety of subject matters in markets across the United States and around the world going forward.

We hope you enjoyed this short presentation. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about The Birmingham iBuilding™.

This building and business model is designed to fully use the available city block provided, however could be re-designed to fit nearly any available space, large or small.