Restaurant Consultants of America, CEO, Howard Cannon Interview:


Problem Customers Pose Quandaries for Restaurants: Bill Glover was quite fond of his appetizer: braised pork belly drizzled with jalapeno ketchup and served with creamed corn.One of his customers, who apparently had a sensitivity to spiciness, had other ideas and wasn’t shy in sharing her thoughts.”She looked at me with this real callous face and… [Read More]

Restaurant Concept Design with Restaurant Consultants of America . . .

Growing Ideas Brainstorming with experts can be very beneficial. When you bring your passion into a world of experienced people who share your passion, great ideas are born. Sometimes, the best investment you make is in brain cells. Determining Feasibility Will it work? A restaurant concept design team can determine how to make the new… [Read More]

What’s It Take To Be A Restaurant Consultant?

It takes a lot more than just eating in restaurants! “I have no experience in the restaurant business, but I’ve eaten in lots of restaurants – could I be a restaurant consultant?” This probably made you laugh out loud; yet, this was a real question we received from a recent “wanna-be consultant”. Just like any… [Read More]

“Is Your Team Full of Studs or Duds?”, Independent Restaurateur


“Is Your Team Full of Studs or Duds?“ ; page 16-17